Wednesday, April 3, 2013

About the Artist

Native California artist, Ann Heskett, began actively creating art at a young age. She is known for her award-winning wildlife and still life paintings. She became intimately involved with wildlife through the films produced by family members who traveled the globe. Her personal discoveries have taken her to sanctuaries and local zoos where she has photographed and studied her subjects. 
“I believe the designs in nature are perfect:--stripes, spots, a white lion’s blue eyes, the leopard’s quietly forceful presence and camouflage.  Every time I see these things I feel that a master artist has been at work.”
It was here that she first sharpened her technique and style, painting many colors in the fur.  It’s not unusual to see magentas, greens, violets and reds, sometimes Prussian blues and turquoise.  She plays with color and, at times, will achieve a “happy accident,” as Dan Edmonson suggests in his teaching.

“I once was so close to a tiger cub, I could see every detail of his eyes.  He was stunning!  When he rolled over on his back, the complexity in the colors emanating from his eyes gave me a chill. It was an emotional moment for me and I rushed home to begin my first serious wildlife painting of two tigers.” 

Ann paints her still life using dramatic light and color.  She mixes her paints from the live setup and continues the process from reference photos.

Although mostly self-taught, Ann has studied with Mark Carder, an artist who paints presidents and dignitaries; Gary Bergren, celebrated Western Artist; Daniel Edmonson, artist, teacher, and mentor for artists from around the world. 
Her career as an executive and consultant in marketing, public relations and promotional design, enriched her creative side. She studied ballet and voice along the way and now paints fulltime.

Ann considers herself to be a lifelong student of the environment, human nature and art. 

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